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As a small business owner, you juggle countless responsibilities. Payroll shouldn’t be one that slows you down with errors, questions, or headaches. When you need payroll help, lean on the experts at QuickBooks Payroll Support for accurate assistance at any time.

Intuit’s team of U.S. payroll specialists is available when you need them to help your payroll run smoothly. Avoid tax problems, compliance risks, and hours of frustration by letting the pros handle your toughest payroll situations.

Payroll Problems, Big and Small, Solved

QuickBooks Payroll Support provides answers and solutions for all types of payroll issues. Examples include:

Small payroll questions

  • How do I add a new employee?
  • What details do I need to set up payroll taxes?
  • Where can I find historical payroll reports?

Tricky payroll troubleshooting

  • Employees are getting “$0” paychecks.
  • Payroll summary amounts don’t match transactions.
  • Error submitting payroll tax payments.

Complex payroll compliance

  • How to file amended payroll tax returns.
  • Resolving an IRS notice about payroll taxes.
  • Ensuring W-2s are completed properly.

Payroll Disasters

  • The entire pay run failed; employees were unpaid.
  • Lost payroll data due to a software crash.
  • Major calculation errors result in overpayments.

Accurate Answers from Payroll Specialists

The QuickBooks Payroll Support team provides more than simple software know-how. They deliver payroll compliance expertise you can trust.

Deep payroll knowledge

Agents stay current on changing payroll laws and requirements to guide you accurately on issues like taxes, deductions, time tracking, expenses, and benefits.

Focus on compliance

With an intricate understanding of IRS and state payroll regulations, support helps ensure you stay in compliance and avoid penalties.

Unmatched Troubleshooting Skills

Highly trained support techs leverage specialized tools and access to quickly diagnose and fix any payroll errors.

Problem Solved Right the First Time

Why risk mistakes trying to solve payroll issues yourself? The experts resolve even complex matters accurately and efficiently.

Help When and How You Need It

QuickBooks Payroll Support provides flexible assistance to fit your needs and schedule. Ways to connect:

24/7 phone and chat

Call +1 (888) 656-2109 anytime or chat with an agent within your payroll account.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Many issues can be fixed right over the phone or through screen sharing as agents talk you through the necessary steps.

Email Support

Submit complex issues by email to get detailed assistance and documentation.

Remote Access

Grant support technicians direct access to your account to quickly diagnose and resolve errors.

English and Spanish help

Phone support is available in both English and Spanish to best serve your needs.

Don’t go it alone on payroll.

As a busy small business owner, why spend hours trying to fix payroll problems yourself? The comprehensive knowledge and resources of QuickBooks Payroll Support deliver the accurate, compliant solutions you need.

Focus your energy on running your business, knowing the payroll experts have your back anytime a question or issue pops up.

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