QuickBooks for Mac 2024 Release: New Features, Pricing and Download Links

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Intuit has unveiled the 2024 release of QuickBooks for Mac, delivering new features and enhancements designed to simplify accounting and financial management for Mac users. This latest version builds on Intuit’s commitment to helping small businesses and self-employed professionals save time and maximize profits.

With an improved visual interface, expanded reporting capabilities, and tools to enhance productivity, QuickBooks for Mac 2024 provides a more robust experience while maintaining seamless compatibility with the Windows version. Read on for an overview of what’s new, how to get QuickBooks for Mac 2024, and pricing details.

Exciting new features and capabilities

The QuickBooks for Mac 2024 release focuses on enhancing the user experience through faster performance, increased customization, improved connectivity with bank and credit accounts, and new ways to gain insights from company data. Here are some highlights:

  • Visual Refresh: Icons, navigation, and forms have been updated for a more modern and visually appealing interface. Desktop and mobile access feel more intuitive.
  • Multi-Monitor Support: Take advantage of large or multi-monitor setups with full-screen mode and customizable sizing and positioning of windows.
  • Advanced Reporting: New options to visualize and chart company data provide greater insights into financials and operations. Customizable templates are available.
  • Revamped Recurring Transactions: Process repeating transactions faster with flexible options to set frequency, auto-reminders, and rules unique to each recurring entry.
  • Bank Feed Enhancements: Direct connectivity with financial institutions now supports more account types, faster feeds, and expanded transaction mapping.
  • Improved Search: Global search across customers, invoices, transactions, and other data makes finding information faster, with search-as-you-type capability.
  • Batch Invoice Processing: Easily select, customize, and send multiple invoices or estimates in a single action.
  • Role-Based Home Page: Each user sees a personalized home page tailored to their specific tasks and responsibilities.

These latest features build on capabilities like automated mileage tracking, detailed inventory management, robust billing and invoicing, and seamless collaboration across Mac, Windows, and mobile to create an accounting solution tailored for modern businesses.

How to Download QuickBooks for Mac 2024

Intuit has officially released QuickBooks for Mac 2024, which is available now for download through the following methods:

  • Via Software Download: Head to the QuickBooks for Mac product page on Intuit’s site and click “Buy Now.” Complete checkout to receive a download link and license key via email.
  • Through Physical Retailers: Purchase a boxed copy with a license key from stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and office supply retailers. Look for the 2024 version.
  • App Store Download: The QuickBooks 2024 Mac app can be downloaded directly through the App Store for convenient installation.
  • Subscription Upgrade: Existing QuickBooks for Mac subscribers can upgrade to the latest version automatically or by forcing a manual update.

Users of older QuickBooks for Mac versions can also access the new 2024 release by renewing their subscription or purchasing a new license.

QuickBooks for Mac 2024 Pricing Details

QuickBooks for Mac is available as a one-time purchase or via a yearly subscription. Here are the pricing options:

  • Purchase: $299.99 for a permanent, non-expiring license. Includes a license for one Mac computer.
  • Subscription: $149.99 per year for a license on one Mac. Includes automatic upgrades to new versions.
  • Additional User Licenses: $299.99 purchase or $149.99 yearly per license for multi-user access up to 5 total.
  • Enterprise Licenses: Volume discounts are available for larger businesses with 6+ users. Contact Intuit Sales.

Special pricing may also be available for nonprofits, government, military, and education organizations. Add-on services like payroll, payment processing, and 1099 filing incur additional fees. Free trials are available to experience QuickBooks for Mac risk-free.

Seamless Compatibility and Migration

A top priority for Intuit is making sure QuickBooks for Mac provides a familiar experience for Windows users. The same features, options, and workflows make it easy to switch platforms or share company files.

For those with an existing Windows company file, QuickBooks includes utilities to migrate data, lists, transactions, and customizations to Mac quickly and seamlessly. QuickBooks Support can also help facilitate company file migration.

QuickBooks for Mac Enables Success

This latest 2024 release highlights Intuit’s ongoing commitment to delivering the best accounting software experience across Windows, Mac, and mobile. With exciting improvements that build on its reliable core capabilities, QuickBooks for Mac continues to be an excellent choice for small businesses seeking to streamline their finances.

The new version’s enhanced reporting, usability upgrades, robust connectivity, and intuitive interface empower users to control their company’s financial operations from anywhere. And with QuickBooks award-winning customer support, Mac users have a complete accounting solution to help their businesses prosper.

To learn more about the new features, view subscription options, or download QuickBooks for Mac 2024 today, visit the Intuit QuickBooks website. The advanced capabilities and ease of use make it the smart accounting software choice for Mac-based businesses.

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