Integrate QuickBooks Online with Other Business Applications

Integrate QuickBooks Online with Other Business Applications

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As a small business owner, you rely on a variety of software applications for sales, marketing, e-commerce, payroll, operations, and more. Each app serves a purpose, but juggling multiple systems that don’t “talk” to each other creates headaches.

That’s where QuickBooks Online integrations come in. By syncing your QBO accounting to other business apps, you can eliminate frustrating manual importing and duplication of work.

This guide covers some of the top ways to integrate QuickBooks Online with the everyday business applications you already use and love. Integrations provide the visibility and streamlined workflows all entrepreneurs dream of!

Accounting System Integrations

If you’re switching accounting systems, you can import data between QuickBooks Online and other platforms:

  • QuickBooks Desktop: QBO offers an easy direct transfer from your QB Desktop file. This migrates your customers, vendors, items, accounts, transaction history, and more into QBO so you can pick up right where you left off.
  • Xero: Xero offers a two-way sync with QBO to move contacts, accounts, sales, and expense data back and forth. This allows the real-time flow of financial data.
  • FreshBooks: You can import expenses, invoices, and customer details from FreshBooks into your QBO company file in a few clicks. This brings past financial information into QBO.
  • Zoho Books: Sync customers, invoices, expenses, and items between Zoho Books and QB Online. Select how often to sync for updated data.

Payroll Software

Connecting your payroll system with QBO automates the posting of payroll transactions instead of manual importing.

  • Gusto: Gusto integrates directly with QuickBooks Online for smooth transfer of payroll data into the appropriate accounts in your books.
  • OnPay: OnPay for QuickBooks Online allows automatic syncing of payroll expenses, liabilities, and wage data into QBO after each payroll run.
  • SurePayroll: With the SurePayroll QBO integration, all payroll entries can automatically flow into your QuickBooks general ledger.
  • Full Service Payroll: QBO’s own Full Service Payroll seamlessly updates payroll directly in your QuickBooks company file. No other steps are needed!

Commerce Platforms

Syncing sales channels and stores with QBO automates order management and accounting.

  • Shopify: The Shopify-Quantity Online integration syncs orders, inventory, and customer details between your store and accounting.
  • WooCommerce: Connect your WordPress WooCommerce store with QBO to transfer order, customer, and tax data, easing accounting.
  • Square: Square seamlessly integrates with QuickBook Online to sync invoices, customer details, sales reports, and inventory counts for accurate books.
  • Etsy: The Etsy app for QuickBooks keeps your Etsy sales, fees, and taxes updated in QBO automatically as orders come in.

Shipping Solutions

Connecting your shipping accounts like UPS, FedEx, and USPS with QuickBooks Online allows tracking of shipment costs and an automatic population of expense data.

  • UPS: QBO can capture UPS shipping expenses from your account directly into the appropriate accounts in your books.
  • FedEx: With the FedEx integration, shipping charges are automatically downloaded into expenses in QuickBooks Online.
  • USPS: Get tracking information and shipping expenses from USPS imported into your QuickBooks Online expenses.
  • ShipStation: Syncing with ShipStation shares shipping details like carrier, services, fees, and more with QBO for accurate financials.

Email marketing platforms

Sync email campaigns between your marketing automation system and QuickBooks Online to easily track advertising costs.

  • Mailchimp: The Mailchimp-QBO integration pushes email campaign data into pre-configured expense accounts in QuickBooks for reporting.
  • Constant Contact: Constant Contact integrates with QuickBooks Online to track and record marketing spend details for each campaign.
  • Campaign Monitor: QuickBooks Online can pull invoices directly from Campaign Monitor to populate billing and expense data.
  • SendinBlue: With the SendinBlue app, campaign costs are automatically captured in the appropriate categories within QBO.

Inventory Management Systems

Keep inventory data perfectly in sync between QBO and your dedicated inventory management platform.

  • Fishbowl: Bi-directional sync shares stock quantities, sales orders, bills of materials, and inventory adjustments between Fishbowl and QBO.
  • inFlow Cloud: The inFlow integration shares warehouse, inventory, sales, purchasing, and shipping data between inFlow and QuickBooks Online.
  • Cin7: Cin7’s QBO integration pushes orders, inventory data, customers, vendors, and stock counts into QuickBooks for reliable financials.
  • TradeGecko: QuickBooks Online exchanges orders, inventory, and customer details with TradeGecko to optimize order fulfillment and accounting.

QuickBooks Online connects with hundreds of other apps small businesses use:

  • Google Apps shared contacts, calendars, and documents.
  • Box centralizes your content
  • Dropbox manages file sharing.
  • Mailchimp simplifies email marketing.
  • Gusto handles payroll and HR.
  • TSheets provides time tracking.
  • PayPal facilitates online payments.

The possibilities are endless! Browse the full QuickBooks Apps Store to find the perfect industry-specific integrations for your unique business needs.

How QBO Integrations Work

Integrating apps with QuickBooks Online is a straightforward process.

  1. Browse the available apps and select one that matches a business need.
  2. Review details like data flow and pricing.
  3. Connect with your login credentials.
  4. Authorize data access between the applications.
  5. Manage preferences for one-time or continuous data syncing.
  6. View integration status and data transfers within QBO.

With just a few clicks, you enable seamless movement of data between best-in-class business applications through automated integrations. The result? A massive reduction in manual data entry and reconciliation effort.

Transform Your Tech Stack

As you can see, QuickBooks Online integrations provide immense time and efficiency gains. Your sales, inventory, fulfillment, marketing, payroll, and other systems streamline into a cohesive technology stack.

Break free of productivity bottlenecks caused by switching between disparate apps. With QBO at the center of your technology ecosystem, data flows freely, so you can realize accurate accounting and staff optimization.

Don’t settle for outdated manual duplication of work across systems. Streamline workflows with powerful QuickBooks Online integrations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for each integration with QuickBooks Online?

Most integrations are free! QBO offers hundreds of built-in integrations at no additional cost. Paid advanced integrations with special features are also available but completely optional.

What core benefits do integrations provide?

Major perks include eliminating duplicate data entry between apps, automating processes like order management, syncing inventory and sales data, accurately recording costs, and gaining complete business visibility from a single dashboard.

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