Step by Step Guide- How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51

Seeing errors pop up in QuickBooks when you have no idea why can really throw you for a loop. But try not to stress too much if you run into error code C=51. It’s actually a pretty common issue that many QuickBooks users experience. The good news? This error is totally fixable if you take the right steps to get to the bottom of what’s causing it. I promise you can get through this! I’ll walk you through some troubleshooting tricks step-by-step so you can diagnose and resolve error C=51.

We’ll guide you on how to find and fix QuickBooks issue C=51 in this article so you can get back to usual operations. We’ll go over the causes behind this mistake, how to identify the issue, and how to resolve it. We explain the causes, fixes, and further information regarding QuickBooks error code C=51 so you can resolve this problem once and for all. Alternatively, when you call our highly-trained QuickBooks technicians at +1 (888) 656-2102, they can quickly clear up any doubt regarding this problem. To permanently reduce C=51, our specialists will explain the root causes and help you find solutions.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51

What causes Error Code C=51 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks error C=51 indicates there is a problem with your company file that is preventing QuickBooks from opening it correctly. Specifically, it points to an issue with the RxList transaction log within the data file.

The RxList keeps track of the transactions you enter in QuickBooks. It’s essentially a record of all activity in your company file. If this log is corrupted or damaged in some way, you’ll see the QuickBooks Error Code C=51 when attempting to open the company file.

Some common causes of a damaged RxList log include:

  • Network connectivity issues interrupting data processes
  • Severe program crashes, failures, or forced closures of QuickBooks
  • Data corruption from a power outage or surge
  • Multiple users accessing the company file at once

The good news is that QuickBooks has a few built-in tools you can use to diagnose and correct TX List errors like C=51.

Step 1: Run the Verify Data Utility.

The first troubleshooting step is to run the Verify Data utility. This scans your company file for any data corruption and QuickBooks Error Code C=51. To run it:

Back up your QuickBooks company file as a precaution.

Open QuickBooks and select the gear icon in the top-right corner.

Choose the “Verify Data” option.

In the window that opens, select your company file and click “Verify.”

The utility will begin scanning your file. This may take several minutes. When it finishes, you can view the log for any errors detected. Make note of these.

If any data problems are found, the next step is to run the Rebuild Data tool.

Step 2: Use the Rebuild Data Tool.

Rebuild Data goes above and beyond Verify Data in that it looks for mistakes and makes an effort to remedy them. To run it:

Make another backup of your company file.

Open QuickBooks and select the gear icon.

Choose “Rebuild Data” from the menu.

Select your company file and click “Rebuild.”.

As Rebuild Data runs, it will fix any corrupted or damaged entries in your TX List log. When finished, it should create a clean, corrected log with all your transactions intact.

Once the rebuild is complete, try opening your company file again. QuickBooks Error Code C=51 may be resolved at this point.

Step 3: Condense the Data File

If you still get QuickBooks error C=51 after rebuilding the data, condensing your company file is the next step. This removes any unused space and defragments the file.

Here’s how to condense it:

Backup the company file yet again.

Open QuickBooks and choose “Condense Data” from the gear menu.

Select your company file and click “Condense.”.

This process removes any fragmented data pockets and streamlines the file. When finished condensing, attempt to open the file again. If error C=51 persists, move on to replacing the TX List log.

Step 4: Replace the damaged TX List log.

If your TX List remains corrupted beyond repair, replacing it is the best solution. To do this:

Contact QuickBooks Support and request a new, blank TX List log file.

Back up your company file and the existing TX List.

Save the new TX List file directly into your company file, overwriting the old one.

Open your company file and verify QuickBooks Error Code C=51 is now resolved.

With a fresh TX List log replacing the damaged one, QuickBooks should open your company file without issue. All your transactions will remain intact.

When to Seek Professional Help

If you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting steps and QuickBooks error C=51 still occurs, it’s time to enlist professional help. QuickBooks repair experts have advanced data recovery tools to dive deeper and fix your company file’s issues.

Stellar Repair for QuickBooks software is specifically designed to resolve complex file problems beyond DIY solutions. It can rebuild corrupt TX Lists from scratch and recover lost transactions caused by data damage.

The easy-to-use tool scans, diagnoses, and repairs your company files for errors like C=51. Plus, it provides full upfront previews of recovered data so you can validate it.

With advanced repair capabilities and expert guidance, software like Stellar makes error C=51 fixable and saves your business from costly data losses.

Don’t let C=51 slow you down.

While frustrating, QuickBooks error code C=51 can be remedied with a few key troubleshooting steps. Run the built-in Verify and Rebuild utilities, condense the company file, and replace damaged logs to resolve the issue yourself. For tricky cases, trust the experts; specialized data recovery software offers advanced repair to recover your files quickly.

With these solutions, you can eliminate error C=51 and confidently restore your QuickBooks company file to working order. Keep the tips covered here handy to troubleshoot C=51 anytime it pops up, and you’ll keep operations running smoothly.


QuickBooks error code C=51 indicates an issue with the TX List transaction log and prevents opening the company file correctly. This is often caused by data corruption from crashes, connectivity issues, power outages, etc. To fix it, first run the Verify Data utility to scan for errors, then use Rebuild Data to repair any corrupted entries in the TX List log. If C=51 persists, condense the company file to remove any fragmented data pockets. The next step is to replace the damaged TX List completely by contacting QuickBooks Support for a new, blank log file to overwrite the old one. If these troubleshooting steps don’t resolve error C=51, specialized repair software like Stellar can fully rebuild corrupt TX Lists and recover