How to Fix QB Error Code 61

QuickBooks Error Code 61 occurs when multiple users attempt to access the same company file at the same time from different locations. This prevents the data from being corrupted or the values from being overwritten.

QuickBooks error code

The error typically displays a message like “The Company File is in Use” and gives the option to open the file in read-only mode. Error 61 is triggered by the multi-user protection built into QuickBooks to maintain data integrity.

One of the main triggers for Error 61 is when multiple users try to access the same company file at the same time from different locations. QuickBooks initiates its built-in multi-user protection to prevent data corruption by limiting access.

Common Causes of QuickBooks Error 61

Some common situations that can lead to this simultaneous multi-user access include:

Transitioning from a single-user license to a multi-user version of QuickBooks without proper setup. This allows multiple people to open the file without configuring multi-user mode correctly.

A user keeps the company file open on their computer without properly closing QuickBooks first. Then another authorized user tries to open it at the same time.

Company files stored on a shared network drive or cloud storage are accessed by users in multiple physical locations concurrently.

Conflicts between locally stored copies of the data being used while another person opens the central file. The changes don’t sync properly, resulting in access collisions.

Damaged or corrupt company files that cause problems with multi-user access protocols. This can prevent proper coordination between multiple users.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 61

Here are some recommended professional steps to resolve QuickBooks Error 61 when multiple users are trying to access the company file simultaneously:

Ensure only one authorized user is accessing the company file at a time. Set up schedules or protocols for when each person will work in QuickBooks.

Have users properly close QuickBooks entirely when they are finished in order to release the file. Do not just shut down screens or disconnect.

For networked or cloud-stored company files, configure Multi-User Mode correctly under Integrated Applications in QuickBooks error Code.

Consolidate data from local copies and main company files to make sure information is synced. Discontinue the use of any conflicting local copies.

Examine files for potential corruption or damage. Use QuickBooks File Doctor or a repair utility if errors are occurring.

Renew all licenses if switched from single-user to multi-user mode. Activate multi-user hosting if the company file is stored remotely.

Review QB log files and the system for other indications of sync conflicts, connectivity issues, or configuration problems.

The key fixes involve proper coordination of multi-user access and keeping company files either local or hosted or networked, but not both. This prevents collisions.

Restoring and Recovering a QuickBooks Company File

Here are some best practices for restoring and recovering a QuickBooks company file affected by Error 61:

First, determine if the existing file is damaged or corrupted. The File Doctor tool in QuickBooks can diagnose issues.

Make a backup copy of the company file before proceeding. Save this to an external drive or separate location.

Try restoring from a recent backup made before the errors occurred. This may resolve data conflicts or damage.

Use the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery tool or Rebuild Utility to attempt rebuilding data tables and recovering lost information.

As a last resort, a new company file could be created and critical data inputs could be made again, including lists, payroll information, outstanding transactions, etc.

Once a restored or rebuilt file is functioning properly, be sure to run a Verify and Rebuild operation within QuickBooks to reset links.

Critical to avoiding future Error 61 is the proper setup of Multi-User Mode, coordinated access schedules, and discontinuing any conflicting local copies.

A data recovery service could potentially restore company files if in-application options do not successfully repair the damage.