How Much is QB Desktop 2024

QuickBooks Desktop from Intuit is one of the most popular accounting software options used by small businesses and accountants. With the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2024, you may be wondering what the latest pricing looks like and how to get the best deal. In this guide, we’ll break down the options to help you understand how much QuickBooks 2024 costs.

Purchase Options

There are a couple of ways you can obtain QuickBooks Desktop 2024:

One-Time Purchase

This involves paying a single upfront cost for a license to download and use QuickBooks Desktop 2024 permanently. You own the license indefinitely.


You can also subscribe to QuickBooks Desktop, paying monthly or yearly to essentially “rent” access to the software. As long as you maintain an active subscription, you can use the latest version.

How Much is QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Purchase Price

If you prefer to buy QuickBooks Desktop 2024 outright, here are the current one-time purchase prices directly from Intuit:

  • QuickBooks Pro: $299.99
  • QuickBooks Premier: $399.99
  • QuickBooks Enterprise: Starts at $1,599.99

These are the costs for new licenses. Upgrade pricing is discounted if you already own a previous version of QuickBooks and want to move up to 2024.

QuickBooks Pro works well for very basic small business accounting needs. QuickBooks Premier adds features like inventory tracking, time tracking, and payroll processing. QuickBooks Enterprise is tailored for larger or growing businesses.

Subscription Options

Alternatively, you can subscribe to QuickBooks Desktop. This gives you access to the full-featured software as long as your subscription is active. You’ll always have the latest version.

Monthly subscription pricing is:

  • QuickBooks Pro: $24.99/month
  • QuickBooks Premier: $34.99/month
  • QuickBooks Enterprise: Starts at $80/month

Yearly subscriptions provide a bigger discount:

  • QuickBooks Pro: $224.99/year
  • QuickBooks Premier: $299.99/year
  • QuickBooks Enterprise: Starts at $999.99/year

Overall, subscribing costs a bit less than purchasing annually. And you can cancel anytime. But after three years, purchasing becomes more cost-effective.

Additional User Licenses

For multi-user access, additional licenses are needed beyond the primary one:

  • Add’l Pro user license: $149/year per user
  • Add’l Premier user license: $199/year per user
  • Add’l Enterprise user license: $299/year per user

Often, a single-user license suits small businesses initially. But it’s easy to add more as your team expands.

Why Choose Direct from Intuit?

While you may find cheaper Softonic or CNET downloads out there, purchasing directly from Intuit comes with some nice perks:

  • Access to discounted upgrade pricing if you own a previous version
  • Free phone and chat support with QuickBooks experts
  • Easy license management and access to download software
  • Ability to seamlessly switch between desktop and online QuickBooks
  • Discounts on additional services like payroll, payments, and apps

For reliable access and service, authorized resellers like Amazon and Microsoft Store are also solid choices. However, purchasing directly from Intuit is ideal, especially if eligible for upgrade pricing.

Ways to Save

There are a few ways to get QuickBooks Desktop 2024 at a discount:

  • Look for seasonal sales around the holidays or tax time
  • Buy an upgrade version vs a new license if you have an older QuickBooks
  • Opt for an annual subscription over month-to-month
  • See if your industry association offers member discounts
  • Use coupon codes which sometimes appear on Intuit’s website
  • Buy discounted certified refurbished units directly from Intuit

Saving 10-15% or more is possible if you catch a sale or have upgrade eligibility. Every little bit helps!

Bundles and Add-Ons

You can further expand capabilities through QuickBooks bundles and add-ons:

  • Payroll subscriptions – $45/month base price
  • Payment processing – 2.4% + $0.25 per transaction
  • Time tracking – $9 per user/month
  • Enhanced inventory – $30/month
  • Mileage tracking – $12.50 per vehicle/month

These integrate tightly with QuickBooks Desktop for more robust financial management in key areas.

Free Trial Option

Want to test out QuickBooks Desktop 2024 risk-free before purchasing? A free 30-day trial is available directly from Intuit.

You get full access to the software for 30 days so you can evaluate the features and experience the workflow. All your trial data transfers over if you decide to buy.

The free trial lets you kick the tires confidently so you can determine if QuickBooks Desktop fits your business needs.

Key Takeaways on QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Pricing

  • One-time purchase or flexible subscription options are available
  • Prices range from $25-$80/month for subscriptions
  • Purchase costs from $300-$1600+ depending on version
  • Extra savings from sales, upgrades, bundles, etc.
  • Free trial helps evaluate software risk-free.

Hopefully, this overview gives you a transparent look at what to expect cost-wise for QuickBooks Desktop 2024. Focus on choosing the version with features your business needs today with room to grow. Try to avoid overbuying initially.

With sensible budgeting and taking advantage of discounts where possible, QuickBooks Desktop can be very affordable, especially when you consider the huge benefits to your accounting productivity and insights! By keeping overhead costs like software reasonable, your business can thrive and remain profitable for the long term.