How to Download QB Desktop 2024

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is the latest annual release of Intuit’s acclaimed accounting software for small businesses. With great new features like bulk transaction processing, visual reporting, and improved inventory management, it’s an update worth getting excited about!

If you’re eager to get the newest version onto your computer, this guide will walk you through the entire download process with simple, easy-to-follow steps. We’ll also look at some tips for ensuring a smooth installation and setup of QuickBooks Desktop 2024. Let’s get started!

Check System Compatibility

Before downloading, it’s wise to verify that your computer meets the system requirements to run QuickBooks Desktop 2024 properly. You want to ensure optimal performance.

The software works on both Windows PCs and Mac computers. On the PC side, Windows 8 or newer is recommended. For Macs, an Intel processor and macOS version 10.14 or later is needed.

QuickBooks Desktop requires at least 2 GB of RAM, though more memory is better for stability with large company files. A minimum of 2 GB of hard drive space is also prudent for the installation. And you’ll need an internet connection to download and activate the software.

If your computer matches these specs or exceeds them, you’re all set! Upgrading older hardware can help if your system falls short. Checking compatibility upfront prevents potential issues.

Choose Download Version

When downloading QuickBooks Desktop 2024, you’ll need to pick whether to get the 32-bit or 64-bit version. Which is right for you?

32-bit: Works on both 32 and 64-bit Windows. Ideal for those with less than 4GB RAM. It may have better compatibility with some older hardware and peripherals.

64-bit: Designed for 64-bit Windows. Supports more RAM for improved performance with large data files. Wider software compatibility.

Purchase License & Download Access

To obtain QuickBooks Desktop 2024, you’ll need to purchase a license. This grants legal access to download and install the software.

On the QuickBooks website, you can buy a new license or upgrade an existing license if you’re coming from an older version. Use your Intuit account login or sign up for a new Intuit ID.

Pricing options include one-time purchases or monthly subscriptions. As a bonus, purchasing directly from Intuit includes free phone support and discounts on add-ons.

After checkout, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with your license key, product number, and download link. Keep this handy, as you’ll need it during installation.

Download Installation File

Now, the fun part – let’s get QuickBooks Desktop 2024 onto your computer!

Use the download link provided when you purchased your license. This will take you to a page with the essential install file for the latest Mac or Windows version.

The File should be titled something like QuickBooks_2024_v6.exe for Windows or QuickBooks_2024_Mac.dmg for Mac. Start the download – the file size is around 500MB, so that it may take a few minutes depending on internet speed.

Save the installer file in an easy-to-access location on your computer once finished. Avoid downloading additional browser toolbars or extras when prompted. The installer is all you need!

Install QuickBooks Desktop

With the installer downloaded, it’s time to get QuickBooks Desktop 2024 up and running on your machine.

Close Other Programs

For a smooth install, close any other applications you have open, including web browsers, Microsoft Office, etc. This prevents potential conflicts.

Run Installer

Locate the QuickBooks installer file you downloaded. Double-click to launch.

Follow Prompts

The QuickBooks setup wizard will now guide you through the installation process. Accept the license agreement terms and choose your File save location. The default folder is usually fine.

The installer will automatically detect any older versions of QuickBooks and transfer your company file for seamless upgrading. Helpful progress bars show the setup sequence.

Activate License

Near the end, you’ll be prompted to activate QuickBooks using your license information from the purchase email. Enter your product number and license key exactly as shown.

Once the installer completes, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 will launch on your computer! The initial setup assistant then helps get you rolling.

Install Updates

It’s wise to check for any new minor updates available for QuickBooks Desktop 2024 when you first install it. These may contain useful bug fixes or tweaks released after launch.

In QuickBooks, head to the Help menu > Check for Updates > Update Now. Follow the prompts to install available updates and bring your software completely up to date.

Enabling automatic update checks in preferences ensures you get any new patches as soon as they are available. Keeping current helps maintain smooth performance.

Set Up Multi-User Access

If you have multiple employees who will access the company file from different computers, take a minute to enable multi-user mode and set up the hosting server.

Under File> Switch to Multi-user Mode, designate one machine to host the company file. On other devices, have users connect to this host computer. This centralizes access and prevents version conflicts.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Choose a wired network connection for the host computer.
  • Match background services settings across machines.
  • Set up relevant user permissions.

Import Old Data

If you’re upgrading from an earlier version of QuickBooks, you’ll likely want to bring all your existing data, like customer lists, transactions, account histories, etc., into QuickBooks Desktop 2024.

Under File> Utilities > Migrate Data from Another Version, select your backup file from the previous QuickBooks version. Walk through the import wizard to transfer accounts, item lists, payroll info, memorized reports, and all other data.

Take a moment to verify everything migrated correctly after. Then, you can archive the old company file and work solely on the new version.

Customize QuickBooks

Lastly, the fun part is to customize QuickBooks Desktop 2024 to fit your workflow! Set preferences for date formatting, account numbers, themes, and more under the Edit menu > Preferences.

Add useful reports, reminders, and tools to the Home dashboard. Set up email and invoice delivery. Establish rules and alerts for smarter accounting. Integrate with apps and software you rely on.

And dive into all the great new features in 2024, like bulk transaction entry, simplified payroll, and enhanced reporting. Make QuickBooks your own to maximize productivity!


With this step-by-step guide, downloading and installing QuickBooks Desktop 2024 on your Windows or Mac should be smooth sailing. Following best practices like checking compatibility, enabling multi-user access, migrating old data, and customizing preferences sets you up for success.

While the process has a few more steps compared to downloading a typical app, it ensures everything is configured optimally. And the learning curve is minimal for anyone already familiar with QuickBooks. Even accounting software beginners will find the prompts user-friendly.

We hope this gives you confidence to get the latest QuickBooks Desktop upgrade up and running in no time. The collection of great new tools and improvements in 2024 makes it well worth the download. Here’s to simplifying your business finances!